Monday, March 7, 2011

7th March Light Party in UCSI (semester 2 design)

On the 7th March, we had a simple and fun night with light. UCSI semester 2 students had put up such effort and dedication to make this light party a beautiful event.

Here I would like to share with you some of their work.

A flexible module that you can curl up or stretch to suit your interior, creating beautiful "cold fiery flame".

The multidirectional light stripes create depth with layers.

The light lit up mainly through reflection from angled surface.

The hidden agenda.

The sphere complete with the existence of reflection.

Catching the rainbow in sky.

The tilting and moving parts of light making up a virtual 3d formation of light and shadow.

The light strips that pick up color and light as it travels through the core of light.

The Lovell house in its bare formation.

Where the blue and red meeting in action.

Inward lighting of color boxes.

The outward lit up color boxes, with a twist, it change the mood instantly.

The crafted light piece.

Where the creature crawl, it grows and glows.

The sliding effect from the Schroder House, with the image of De Stijl.

A ghostly light that pick up the coldness of metal.

A camouflage to the weaved bamboo wall that would come alive at night.

The light tower.

Will the 4x4 house of Tadao Ando comes alive with this De-Stijl light?

De Stijl in light

The swirl of light.
The tornando of light.

The living colors of life.

The axis.
During the day, it is but a pure lily bud; at night, it shines like a gem.

The interlocking of light.

The addition and substraction.

The Falling Water in its horizontality.
The screen of light.

When Falling Water come into hierachy.
The tower of tinting color.
The spine of light.
The light box


  1. UCSI-ians also eligible to work with lighting specialists and product design stream. Good effort. :)

  2. i love lights.
    i was very excited to see this.
    and it was so cool in real!