Friday, March 11, 2011

05: Artistic Interpretation of Masterpiece

Sliding House by DRMM Architects
by Jia Pey

The residential house is located in Suffolk, United Kingdom where it was exposed to four seasons in a year. The house was a self-built house in order to retire, grow food, entertain and enjoy the landscape. The client’s wish to have a house amidst the horizontal landscape and a genuine appreciation of vernacular farm buildings shared by architect and client/builder led to a manipulation of the local timber framed and clad 'shed' idiom. The linear composition is carefully sited on a level ridge which runs north/south along the north eastern boundary of the site. Thus the choreographed progression from road past annexe and garage, to house, glasshouse and then on to garden are a logical sequence.

The house has a very interesting feature – it slides. The house has a mobile unit that slides back and forth along the horizontal rails which acts as a shell. Therefore the name of the house was given the name Sliding House.

The owner wanted a house that he can enjoy and at the same time, to be able to enjoy the beautiful environment. The solution was to have a steel-framed glass main house with the timber clad mobile shell. Not only the owner gets to unveil according to desire, the client is also able to retract it back to cover the main house.

The shell also acts as part of insulation in accordance to the change in climate. The main annexe which is made fully of glass will be insulated by the sliding shell during cold season. The garage and the guest annexe are made up of solid timber.

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