Friday, March 11, 2011

03: Artistic Interpretation of Masterpiece

Soe Ker Tie House by TYIN Tegnestue
by: Tan Kwon Chong

Soe Ker Tie House located at Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand and it consists of 6 sleeping units which allocated for the orphanage. The client, Ole Jorgen Edna wanted to recreate a place where children would experience the private space, a home to live and a neighbourhood where they could play and interact with one another. TYIN Tegnestue which is a non-profit architectural student from NUST then takes on this project and enhances the intention of this project. They showcase the 6 woven bamboo huts, clubbed Soe Ker Tie, or the Butterfly Huts since the ‘winged’ appearance was dominant. They designed it with the children’s happiness and health in mind where this small luxury is one that so many of us take for granted but make a huge difference in the development of this youngster.

Since the house is designed as a playground, interaction place for children, the parameter model should be something playful, interactive, interesting and moving. On the other hand, circulation could interpret through movement. Noticed that there is a ball moving around the prism where we can actually study the flow and space zoning. In addition, we can also study the wind ventilation, light penetration, view of the space and the activity within the space. It indirectly shows the experience and the atmosphere of once place to another.

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