Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Klippan St. Peter Church by Sigurd Lewerentz

2010 11 02 L

How could we describe the church....it is of a square, rough with brickwork, giving it a rather crafty look, with the marks of the hands, that would definitely drive Mr. Tadao Ando to wall. 
You would approach the church through a small park, quietly.  Entering the church through a narrow corridor, with controlled darkness, and the roughness on wall, you kind of enter into trance, winding down the sloppy floor, with intentionally uneven floor, that would again getting all your intention and getting rid of all your worry, you will be greeted with a even greater darkness, till your eyes meeting the only lit up baptist shell hanging above a crack on the floor. 
It would remind you of the night when Jesus was in the stable at Bethlehem.  When the travelers thread the way in such darkness, and found the light in a unlikely place for Jesus. 

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当我在书里看到这座教堂时, 我是有点震撼的。  

外 观是四四方方砖砌的稳重, 不花俏甚至有点不修边幅的让石灰泥从砖缝中跑了出来, 任它就这样的把砖面给染成一副看来会让有洁癖的建筑师抓狂的感觉。 进口处有点窄,斜斜的把人引进建筑的内腹, 而平面图里, 四平八稳的, 条理分明的也不多加修饰。 很沉淀的建筑, 把来祈祷的人都给放安静了。  来到正堂, 地面刻意的被砌得不平,像一片砖砌的地毯, 浮凸着花样,让人必须低下头,放慢脚步也放慢心情。  而就在这样的地面上裂开一个缝, 在暗暗的空间里像未知一样的让人看不清深处。  裂缝上有只贝壳, 悬在铁条上, 伴着几根蜡烛,和滴水的声音, 慢慢的从水管滴到贝壳, 从贝壳滴到裂缝, 受洗的仪式会在这贝壳处进行。    听说每年在春分时, 阳光才会透过那些看来不经意安排的窗口, 照亮着一个安静的贝壳, 像是宣告诞生的开始。 像那夜,旅人在黑暗中,跋涉而来,在马棚中初见耶稣。  

 Picture:flickr seier + seier


  1. 倒是很有意思,不是吗? 不过一个四方盒子,却在细节安排上让人有无限感觉。

  2. a simple box can be very interesting especially when one plays with the detailing part. A building is not necessary to be like a creation of Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry which the creation itself announces its presence by dominating the surroundings and it itself stood firmly as a pinnacle of the context... rather than blending in or so to say a humble approach.

  3. I would say they all have its mrit, as Frank Gehry Bilbao museum in its commanding composition helps to rejunevate a place by creating an icon for architecture pilgrimage, a debate topic that would help to draw visitors to the otherwise neglected neighborhood. A building this quiet would not have achieve that effect in Bilbao. It all boils down to its context and intentions.