Monday, November 1, 2010

Designing Design by Kenya Hara

2010 11 01 L

We all have been asking about the very thought of design, and wonder what could it mean?  As if literature is of no use to human material world, the design seemed rendering unnecessary value to a practical product. 

What is appropriate?

Can we mass produce the beautiful handicraft and expect it to be accepted by the mass as beauty? 
Or maybe we should look into what technology can bring us and let the sense of beauty grow to what it should be as we allow the nature to take charge of how a flower should blossom?

Mr.Kenya Hara believed design is to listen, and explore the gray area, solving the hidden issues, even when it is not felt as an issue at the time. 
It might had sound too difficult, but isn't it always a moment in your life that you would exclaimed to something with that : 'omg, why didn't we think of that?'

Mr.Kenya Hara started the idea of 're-design' to re-look into simple daily product, re-examine the needs and the function of it, and just allow the flow of thoughts to bring us where we should belong.

Such as this toilet rolls, it had always been round, so as to roll easier.  However, when the designer was given a task to re-look at this, examining of how we use them, how frequent we use them, the impact of its usage to the environment, the designer see the urge to save the paper, save the trees, save the forest.  Thus the square toilet roll was reasonably designed.

The squareness of it creating friction when it is rolled out for use, resulting annoying noise of clucking along the way, and resisting the smooth flow of paper.  All of these concluding the main idea of an environmental design and yet minimizing drastic change to the whole production line. 

So, how would you justify the need for design?

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