Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kim Herforth Nielson, Denmark

It is sometimes easy to recognize a style used by an architect, it could be taking different forms but the moulding ideas had always show its similarity.  Maybe it is because there is no idea that could be perfected in  one project, we just need to keep testing it, over and over again.
其实有时候看名家出手,就很容易看出那很熟悉的味道, 大多都已经有了一个既定的方程式,也一再用在不同的个案中,或者样貌不同,道理却是相似的。
If you have pay attention to Kim Herforth Nielson's project, especially the academic institution, you might also realized, he had always centred his design around the central staircase, and due to the nature of Denmark cold  climate, the perimeter zone had always being used as classroom, which is more of a series of small pockets, opening the elevations tosunlight during winter, reducing the need for heater.
如果大致上看过几个 Nielson  的作品,尤其是大学类的建筑,就会发现,他对这类建筑的安排都以中心大楼梯为轴心,从这里开始安排流动线。 大楼中心一概划分为主要交通干线,一路安排平台,或者犹如大鼓一样的独立开放空间,供学生聊天交流。 外围则用作课室, 办公厅等用处,而在两个主要功能之间,安排了非正式的活动空间,让学生有地方可以做展览,讨论会等等。  
另一方面,由于丹麦这几间大学身处之地,属偏冷地区,立面都作了夏天遮阳板的处理,在冬阳低下时,又可以取暖。 而没有日晒的交通轴线,因为是人们不做长时间逗留的地方,这方面的考量就可以略放松一些。 
The central zone would be used for public spaces where students communicate, and holding activities.  While the perimeter zone enjoying sunlight, reducing the need for heating and lighting; the central zone would benefit from the buffer, retaining the heat, and since the activities does not normally required high level of lighting, it is just perfect for the zoning.
和之前藤本的作品相比,就不难发现日本建筑师对哲学上的追求, 和西方建筑师在环境科学上的钻研, 其实都有他们可取之处。 如何平衡倒是很个人的选择了!  
Comparing the philosophical approach of Japanese,  the practical, scientific consideration of Westerner is where we balance the thoughts. 
Orestad College, Denmark
说到这里,不能不提一下,Nielson 这一本通书不能读到底,来到马来西亚炎热的天气,在地区方块间的铺排就必须考虑到如果我们依照Nielson 的铺排,这些长时间应用的空间就会因为过于曝热而必须加倍冷却容量,所以热带国家,我们都会把长廊摆在外围以达到热缓冲, 而把教室等摆在中圈, 而非正式的活动空间通常被放在轴心处。 一来长廊开阔的设计可以让日光通透,节省照明能源; 另一方面也考虑到非正式的活动空间, 使用时间不频繁,对照明和空调的要求不高,而放在最不“理想”的中心。 当然也有把非正式的活动空间作为内院的处理, 达到最理想的空气对流和日光照射的效果。
Here in tropic zone, we would definitely enjoy our five-foot way as the buffer to enjoy the breeze......

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